Friday, April 23, 2010

hoW we Move??

how we move??
brain will send the impulses to the muscles.
when muscles receive the impulses they will contract..
muscles pull part of body that attached to and make them move...

there are several types of joint..
1)synovial joints
2)hinge joints

for synovial joints,it consist ball and socket that allow shoulder to spin and turn  around just like our hip..
however,hinge joints only allowed backwards and forwards movements...just like in our finger,elbows and knees.

synovial joints move smoothly because they produced their own oily substance that we called as synovial act as lubricant to the joint and help to reduced the friction inside them..without it the joints will not easy to move as easily.

ligament helps to hold the bones together and prevent it  from dislocation.

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